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KKE 318 : 3 Brush Car Wash Equipment released

KKE 318

3 brush system has been remodelled to make all new KKE 318. The pricing of the model will be disclosed soon. The price would be lesser than KKE 300 high end model and would specially cater for the needs for developing nations.

KKE 318 will have limited features compared to KKE 300 which has programmable options, trolley with multiple speeds, dosing pumps, energy chains.

KKE 318 would cater for all the needs of washing a car and would have a washing speed of 6-7 cars per hours.

KKE Wash Systems

Kmita Manage : ERP Solution

KKE info media successfully deployed KKE Manage, an ERP software at KKE Wash Systems.

The software is web based and suitable for KKE Wash Systems our group company has employees on the go. Internet has been the main networking tool and provides access to the employee where ever he is.

“KKE Manage”¬† uses basic frame work of ISO 9001 Quality management standard as it back bone. Any company which is already ISO 9001 certified can have seamless integration of this software into its organisation.

KKE manage currently caters to Job type and Batch type production only, however every other aspect of the organisation is taken care of.

Please contact us for more information.

 March 1, 2007