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KKE SpeedoClean Car Wash Launched

KKE SpeedoClean is the latest budget segment machine with features present in the higher end machines. 
 The equipment has 3 brushes , 1 Horizontal and 2 Vertical Brushes. The Horizontal Brush follows
  the contour of the car and the pressure of the brush is infinitely adjustable. Vertical Brushes are
  with Pneumatic Pressure Sensing System washing the sides of the car. The Brushes have X profile
  bristles with feathered brush tips to remain gentle on the car always. 
The equipment is very economically priced and is good for smaller towns and cities where the number
of cars per day are less. Due to lower investment, SpeedoClean Automatic Car Wash Equipment helps
you achieve quicker Return on Investment.

November 16, 2012

Kmita Mail V5.0 released

Most advanced Form to Email script with AJAX form submission, Unlimited Forms, Admin Area, SPAM protection, CAPTCHA , Validation, Data Storage (Excel, CSV, Database), Attachments, Multiple Autoresponders, Time dependent mailers. FREE Installation service.

Kmita Mail V5 installs in a breeze. Kmita Mail is the world most trusted (more than 20000 websites) form processor. Kmita mail V5 manages unlimited forms, 3 tier spam protection, unlimited customized validation rules, Data storage in CSV or excel format, error and success page by Ajax (unique feature), unlimited attachments, E-mail layouts by user customization or predefined, unlimited auto responders with cron job, operates from Kmita admin V2 open source platform that supports unlimited privileged users, unlimited module management and many more exciting things.

Visit Website: Kmita Mail V5 : Advanced Form Processor

September 28, 2012

Kmita Admin 2 : Project released

Work for Kmita Admin 2 has already begun which will be far more advanced and user friendly than the previous version.

New Kmita Admin features are :

  • Location Independence
  • Rich CSS
  • Multi User with access restrictions
  • Easy License Management
  • Multi Language support through web interface.
  • Open Source !

Yes, Kmita Admin 2 is an open source software and it is free for all.

What it means to developers ?
Developers can now develop scripts for Kmita Admin and sell it their customers. The Kmita Admin 2 is governed as per and can be re distributed as long as the source is open.

September 28, 2012

KKE Photo Voltaic Cell Cleaner


It is a know fact that once dust accumulates on the Photo Voltaic Panel, the efficiency reduces drastically. The efficiency can go down to as low as 25% if the panels are not cleaned regularly.

KKE has been contacted by several companies so far and KKE Wash Systems  decided to build one system for washing the Photo Voltaic Panel. 
The PVCT as it is called , Photo Voltaic Cleaning Trolley.  The trolley moves over the PV array and cleans the panels by a soft brush. The trolley itself has water tanks and has provision for Reverse Osmosis treated water storage to avoid spots / scaling on the PV panels after washing.
PVCT, another revolutionary design has six wheels and does not have any turning radius ! yes, the trolley can move 90 degrees without changing its direction.
Contact KKE Wash Systems for more details at 
August 1, 2012

KKE 102 : Two Wheeler Wash System

KKE Wash Systems launches KKE 102 which is trolley type system for cleaning of two wheelers. The system is completely automatic and has option of spraying :
Wax (optional addon)
As all other KKE equipment, KKE 102 also has minimal maintenance requirement as all the gearboxes used have life long oil and other parts used use telflon / UHMWPE material.
Download Brochure from the following link :
March 4, 2012

3D Chemicals Launched in India as KKE 3D

KKE and 3D Chemicals USA have tied hands to explore the market in India. The products shall be branded as KKE 3D (  ) . 

The products primarily include :
  • Car Wash Soap
  • Waxes
  • De-Greasers
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Compounds and High Definition Car Care products
  • Dressings and Protectants
The best part of KKE 3D chemicals is that they are bio – degradable and are eco friendly. Conserving our nature is need of the hour and hence it is very necessary to change to eco – friendly ways of doing tasks. KKE 3D Chemicals help is doing so.
February 2, 2012