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KKE Wash Systems : KKE 101 Automatic Scooter Wash Equipment


KKE Wash Systems Introduces new version of KKE 101 with better cleaning results with lesser requirement of power and space.

Bay Dimensions for the equipment are :
Length : 3 m
Width : 2 m
Height : 2.3 m

The basic equipment consists of the following cycles :
1. Prewash
2. Soap Spray
3. Final Rinse

Optional Items :
1. Wax Coating
2. Drying System

The equipment is cost effective and is well suited for Authorised Service Stations and concept service stations with large two wheeler wash through put requirements.

More details about the equipment could be found at the following location :

July 26, 2010

KKE info media into Rackspace Partner Network

KKE info media today announced they have entered into the Partner Network with Rackspace Hosting, (NYSE: RAX), the worlds leader in hosting.  This relationship is designed to add mutual value for their current clients and to increase targeted exposure and reputation for both companies.

As KKE info media enters into the commercial ERP market, clients demand performance and run mission critical applications. Clients can rely on Rackspace Hosting services as they can rest assured that their data is placed in secure hands.

Addition of services by KKE info media  are :

Managed Hosting
Private Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Email and application hosting.

Please contact us for any questions you may have on

June 11, 2010

Kmita Admin 2 : Project Started

Work for Kmita Admin 2 has already begun which will be far more advanced and user friendly than the previous version.

New Kmita Admin features are :

  • Location Independence
  • Rich CSS
  • Multi User with access restrictions
  • Easy License Management
  • Multi Language support through web interface.
  • Open Source !

Yes, Kmita Admin 2 is an open source software and it is free for all.

What it means to developers ?
Developers can now develop scripts for Kmita Admin and sell it their customers. The Kmita Admin 2 is governed as per and can be re distributed as long as the source is open.

There more to come!

June 1, 2010

Open Source KKE Manage ERP initiated

KKE info media has initiated Open source KKE Manage ERP platform project. The software is a second generation of  KKE Manage and would take the experience of version 1 into account.

The software is built as an Open source project and is free of cost.

Salient features of the platform are :

  • Multiple Location Support
  • Unlimited Users
  • Notification
  • Escalation support
  • Web Based Software
  • Collaboration API support
  • Quick and Easy Integration

There are partner programs using which developers can collaborate and develop software modules for KKE Manage ERP.

Since the software is modular, any number of software modules can be added and integrated with  KKE Manage.

You can view more details at :

April 1, 2010

KKE Wash Systems

Automatic Vehicle Cleaning Systems, Car Wash Equipment, Bus Wash Equipment, Mining Truck Wash Equipment

The car wash equipment and other vehicle wash system division of K.K. Electronics now has a separate identity. The wash equipment line will be managed under “KKE Wash Systems Pvt. Ltd.”.

The registered address and other communication channels remain the same.

The bank account details have changed so if are placing the order, please contact KKE for new bank account details.

If you have any queries about the same, please contact us through

October 27, 2009

Touch Screen Panels : KKE Wash Systems


KKE Wash Systems integrates Touch screen operating panels with all higher end vehicle washing equipment :

KKE 200
KKE 300
KKE 402 3B
KKE 402 HP

Small Human interface devices with integrated PLCs  are also looked into for process simplification and ease of use.

Use of these panels would enable the operators to customize the equipment timings, cycle sequence, etc. The operator owner will have access to key information which would be password protected.

At KKE we are driven by innovation and this helps us bringing better products for our customers.

October 6, 2008

Kmita Page Comments Launched a web product wing of KKE info media has added yet another easy to use products in its account.

Kmita Page Comments is an independent script and can be installed on all the pages of your website. The script is in PHP and MySQL and is very easy to use. It has loads of features which you’ll be happy to use. The script starts working for you in minutes after you install it on your server. Kmita Page Comments provides you the HTML code which you need to include in all your pages : the rest is all done by the script.

May 27, 2008

Kmita FAQ V2 Launched

Second version of Kmita FAQ has been released and is called as Kmita FAQ V2. Customers who have bought the script within last six months get a free upgrade. Customers within one year get 50% discount.

Kmita FAQ is knowledge base script which is easy to setup and can be customised are per your website design. Once the script is setup, adding questions is just a matter of few minutes. You just have to type your questions and answers as you probably would do in Word Processor like Microsoft Work, Open office or Star office.

February 24, 2008

Business Partner Invitation : KKE info media

KKE  info media a software development company is wishing to expand its business by physically being present near its customers through business partners. Business Partners would have to search / suggest tools to customers to make their existing working easier.

The applying company / individuals should have excellent business contacts along with a bit of technical knowledge to the extent that he/she can understand what the customer wants.

Interested companies / individuals please contact us using the contact us form here .

February 7, 2008

Kmita Script Affiliate Program : KKE info media

Kmita Scripts, a recognized script product wing of KKE info media now has an affiliate program. Customers can refer visitors to our website and can earn 20% of the sale value.

You can find the HTML code to placed on your website on your account at . You can use many ways of referring like

  • Text Links
  • Image Links
  • Box links
  • Diaplying the product list using AJAX
  • Displaying the content of XML file the way you want.

All the HTML codes are provided in

You can read more details at

Click here to join our affiliate program

January 1, 2008