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In today's world where customer satisfaction is the first priority, production has to be fast enough so that it can cope up with the requirement, with lesser rejection percentage.

Today, though humans can do the same, but automatic machines require very less time , yet are more efficient in terms of production rate and provide lesser rejection rate and hence improving process capability. Automatic machines can be employed to perform monotonous jobs where humans generally tend to fail . Earlier automation of machines used to be by microprocessor chips which were difficult to maitain or by using complex mechanical linkages and hydarulic circuits. Now, due to advent of modern electronics, costs have reduced and now any machine can fitted with electronic Equipment to work in conjuction with mechanical systems and though remain cost effective and easy to maintain.

We convert existing Manual Machines to Automated Machines as well we also undertake designing of automatic machines from scratch. Automatic machines give an opportunity to enhance productivity of existing procedure.


.An ISO 9001:2000 Company


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