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.Control Panels

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.An ISO 9001:2000 Company

We manufacture high quality Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based, A.C. Drive , D.C. Drive based control panels. We can also undertake programming of PLC and drives as per customers' requirements.

Features of Control Panels are :-

  • Control panels having proper and clean wiring.
  • Each `n' every wire is tagged and marked.
  • Full Circuit diagram booklet is provided for proper understandability and ease of use.
  • The components used are of reputed international manufacturers and the components undergo vigourous testing before they can be used in our systems.
  • The panels can be made to comply with IP 65 standards, if need arises.

We can undertake making of a system right from concept development to manufacturing.

AC , DC drive control panels

AC Drives



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