KKE Environment

KKE has considered the impact on the environment of its services and activities and undertakes to assist clients to comply with ever-increasing environmental demands and to minimize the environmental impact of its services, operations and products.
Our principle environmental commitments are:

  • To comply with all environmental legislation, codes of practice, regulatory controls and client or insurance requirements.
  • To adopt pollution preventive techniques in design and manufacture of our products.
  • To conserve all resources such as power, water, oil, gas, compressed air etc., and optimize their usage, through scientific methods.
  • To continuously strive to minimize waste generation by all possible ways and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the same through a time bound action plan.
  • To provide a clean working environment to our employees, contractors and neighbors.
  • To consider the environmental implications of changes to products, processes, materials and facilities when business decisions are made
  • To continually improve our environmental performance through the setting and review of realistic and achievable objectives
  • To provide appropriate resources for the implementation of this policy

This policy is implemented at each KKE’s facility through our environmental management systems and changes to this policy shall be driven by audit results, changing circumstances and the commitment to continual improvement. Staff awareness of this policy is ensured by providing appropriate training and communications.