KKE Photo Voltaic Cell Cleaner


It is a know fact that once dust accumulates on the Photo Voltaic Panel, the efficiency reduces drastically. The efficiency can go down to as low as 25% if the panels are not cleaned regularly.

KKE has been contacted by several companies so far and KKE Wash Systems  decided to build one system for washing the Photo Voltaic Panel. 
The PVCT as it is called , Photo Voltaic Cleaning Trolley.  The trolley moves over the PV array and cleans the panels by a soft brush. The trolley itself has water tanks and has provision for Reverse Osmosis treated water storage to avoid spots / scaling on the PV panels after washing.
PVCT, another revolutionary design has six wheels and does not have any turning radius ! yes, the trolley can move 90 degrees without changing its direction.
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August 1, 2012