Kmita Mail V5.0 released

Most advanced Form to Email script with AJAX form submission, Unlimited Forms, Admin Area, SPAM protection, CAPTCHA , Validation, Data Storage (Excel, CSV, Database), Attachments, Multiple Autoresponders, Time dependent mailers. FREE Installation service.

Kmita Mail V5 installs in a breeze. Kmita Mail is the world most trusted (more than 20000 websites) form processor. Kmita mail V5 manages unlimited forms, 3 tier spam protection, unlimited customized validation rules, Data storage in CSV or excel format, error and success page by Ajax (unique feature), unlimited attachments, E-mail layouts by user customization or predefined, unlimited auto responders with cron job, operates from Kmita admin V2 open source platform that supports unlimited privileged users, unlimited module management and many more exciting things.

Visit Website: Kmita Mail V5 : Advanced Form Processor

September 28, 2012