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How to Buy GMT crypto? Invest in GMT for Beginners

Green Metaverse Token (GMT):The Governance Token of STEPN, A Move-to-Earn Health and Fitness Application.
STEPN's GMT governance token has soared in value over the past week, climbing 138%.
The app lets users earn tokens by walking, jogging, or running outdoors, similar to Axie Infinity's play-to-earn model.
Widespread speculation of a partnership with a major sportswear brand has fueled the recent GMT token rally.

What is STEPN?

STEPN is a health and fitness app, users equipped with sneakers NFT can move outdoors to earn tokens.
The sneaker NFT can be upgraded and comes in different types, qualities, and sockets.
STEPN has a dual-token system, a game token GST and a governance token GMT, users stake GMT to participate in governance.
The project aims to inspire millions of people to a healthier lifestyle, connect them to Web3 and combat climate change.
STEPN offers diverse in-app gamification features such as sneaker leveling, shoe-minting, mystery boxes, NFT customization, and social interactions.
STEPN uses token rewards to incentivize users to exercise daily and enhance their fitness level.

Why is STEPN (GMT) price surging??

There are three main factors being attributed to the current surge in GMT price. These include the recent announcement about Nike and Adidas sportswear by a STEPN representative, STEPN's partnership with Binance, and STEPN's plan to apply a move-to-earn method.

How to buy GMT?

To buy GMT, first choose a safe cryptocurrency trading platform, the most recommended cryptocurrency trading platform is as follows:


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