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How To Buy ENJ COIN For Beginners?

How To Buy ENJ COIN For Beginners?

What Is ENJ

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency used to back the value of next-gen fungibles and NFTs. It aims to be the "gold standard for digital assets". Enjin created the open-source ERC-1155 token standard that enables game editors to convert various types of assets such as currency, real estate, digital art, and game items into tokens that can be used in blockchain applications.

Enjin platform is designed to tokenize in-game items, make game items tradable between players. By incorporating blockchain-based digital collectibles, Enjin has proven that it is agile enough to integrate with major games like Steam, Nintendo, EA, Activision Blizzard. The Enjin platform also integrates ERC-1155 smart contracts that can use both ERC-20 and ERC-721.

With a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 ENJ (1 Billion), ENJ  is a fungible ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that also supports fungible and non-fungible ERC-1155 smart contracts.

Key features

Innovative crowdfunding models can pre-create characters, weapons, real estate, and other game assets, which are then made available to gamers through traditional crowdfunding platforms or independent websites. 

Enabling player-driven value creation, users are able to modify, craft, upgrade, build and trade blockchain-based game assets, which can then be customized based on their history, statistics, input data and players to gain their own intrinsic true value.

Gain user loyalty and trust, give each player a trust relationship, and have ownership of ENJ-based digital game assets. Regaining lost revenue could eliminate or regulate grey market trading, which can lead to lost revenue by more than 40%.

Build and join game worlds, build your own game multi-worlds that allow players to use and even upgrade their characters and items in sequels or completely different games. Reduced player churn, game assets are owned by gamers and kept securely in their private Enjin wallets.


How To Buy ENJ

To buy ENJIN COIN(ENJ), first you need to pick a crypto exchange.

Step 1: log in to a reliable exchange website and enter the market page.

Step 2: Register to create your account and bind the bank account.

Step 3: Search for ENJ.

Step 4: Fill in the purchase quantity and click to buy. If it is sold, fill in the sell quantity and click to sell.


Where To Buy ENJ?

Most of the ENJ tokens are still in circulation and you will see them more often on world-renowned cryptocurrency exchanges. If you want to buy, you can choose the following cryptocurrency exchanges.


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