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Top 3 Cryptocurrencies in Metaverse

The metaverse is continuously evolving, and many developments are still in the pipeline. We are witnessing a massive transition from the physical world to the virtual world. While the potential is vast, it is advisable to thoroughly research before making any significant investments.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies in Metaverse:

1. AXS 

Axie Infinity is one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies of 2021. It's already seen eye-watering gains of over 24,000% so far this year and inspired a slew of similar games. Players breed, raise, and compete with cute (and unique) Axies, which they can also sell in the marketplace.

2. MANA Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform that you can visit today. You don't need a headset to explore, just an internet browser. You don't even need to own any cryptocurrency -- you can enter as a guest and visit this virtual world.Players can own and develop parcels of land, which can be paid for using MANA tokens. There are tools inside the game that people can use to create spaces and artwork. They've built everything from medieval dungeon mazes to casinos and bars. There are also regular events, from parties to poker games and exhibitions. Last month, Decentraland hosted its first ever multi-day music festival, with acts like Deadmau5 and Paris Hilton headlining.

3. SAND Another top entry in a metaverse tokens list would obviously bring the native token of The Sandbox, i.e., SAND, into the discussion. Experts have stated that with the right results, The Sandbox can easily overpower Axie Infinity in value of market capitalization. The Sandbox would primarily rely on utility of value with a user-oriented virtual world, in alignment with formidable emphasis on decentralization. You can find an independent user-generated content ecosystem on The Sandbox alongside a gaming platform and NFT marketplace.


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