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What Is MOB Coin And How To Buy MOB Coin?

What Is MOB Coin And How To Buy MOB Coin?

What Is MOB Coin

MOB coin or MobileCoin is a privacy payment protocol focused on providing secure, private and minimal cryptocurrency wallet services for mobile messaging applications.

The biggest highlight of MOB coin is that in the future, it will connect to Signal Messenger, which has more than 40 million monthly active users, and become the digital asset payment tool above. Signal is a simple, powerful, secure and open source communication tool that uses the most advanced end-to-end encryption technology to ensure the security of conversations, and the transmitted information cannot be read or eavesdropped by third parties.

MOB coin is a team with technology as the core. According to Linkedin data, the team currently has 21 members. The core members all have senior industry backgrounds. The CEO is an expert in the telecommunications industry, and the CTO is the top cryptography expert in the United States. He is also the founder of Signal, Former head of Twitter security.

Since MOB coin uses a transmission protocol similar to instant messaging information, when people use the instant messaging network to complete the MOB transfer, the transaction time will be almost zero cost and zero delay like sending a WeChat.

A total of 250 million MOB coin will not be issued, 50% will go to the founders, teams and advisors of the company; 15% will be sold to institutions and investors led by Binance at a price of $0.8; the remaining 35% will go to the MobileCoin Fund Meetings, partners and airdrops, etc.


The Main Advantages Of MOB Coin 

lEasy to restore

lFast transfer

lHigh privacy

lFriendly user

The realization of the above features is inseparable from the choice of MOB coin, which regards itself as a privacy payment protocol and is deeply bound to instant messaging applications.

Why Is It Worth Laying Out MOB Coin?

Limited by the laws and regulations of the United States, lawyers suggest not to announce the specific circulation and distribution for the time being. In view of the fact that the tokens of teams and institutions have been locked, the current market circulation is mainly the outflow of some large players participating in private placement. It is estimated that the actual circulation in the market should be lower. At 20 million MOB, the number is very small and very precious.

MOB coin takes the compliance route. Once the compliance procedures are properly handled, as a representative of compliant blockchain assets, it is inevitable that it will be popular in the market.

Many investment institutions are optimistic about MOB coin, and BOX, a blockchain fund known for its fixed investment + long-term holding, has listed it as an important component.

How To Buy MOB Coin?

The reliable exchanges that trade MOB coins in the market are Bitfinex, Binance, and FTX, etc.


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