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What Is KDA Coin And How To Buy KDA Coin?

What Is KDA Coin And How To Buy KDA Coin?

What Is KDA Coin 

KDA coin is the native token of Kadena's hybrid blockchain platformKadena's (KDA coin) hybrid blockchain platform consists of a public blockchain, a permissioned network, and the Pact smart contract language. Kadena is the leader in distributed digital ledger, an industry-leading secure, scalable platform and simple A smart contract language that uses blockchain to help organizations improve efficiency. Kadena has both public chain and alliance chain solutions. Kadena's alliance chain can be integrated with the public chain network and become a part of it, creating new market use cases. KDA coin has received $15 million in financing from SVAngel, CoinFund and others.

Technical Features Of KDA Coin

Speed and ScalabilityKadenas public blockchain performed real-time network scaling from 10 to 20 chains, doubling throughput, and proving the blockchains ability to scale production to meet growing demand. Kadena is today's fastest sharded Layer 1 PoW blockchain capable of delivering infrastructure-grade performance for the DeFi economy.

Control and ConnectionKadena's high-performance permissioned network connects to public blockchains, enabling custom service architectures for the most demanding use case needs. Hybrid blockchain platforms offer businesses and entrepreneurs the advantages of public and private networks without compromise.

Security and SimplicityKadena's smart contract language is purpose-built for blockchain and uses military-grade security features such as formal verification. Pact quickly became the standard for smart contracts because it was human-readable while providing key features such as inter-chain communication, multi-signature, and strong permission controls.

Three Parts Of KDA Coin

lA public blockchainIt has both public and private chain features, and Kadena's private chain can be integrated with its public chain network to become a part of it (public chain), creating new market use cases. Chainweb, Kadena's public chain platform, adopts an intertwined, parallel PoW consensus protocol, which greatly improves the throughput and scalability of the network.

lThe Pact smart contract languageThe vision of the Kadena project is to build a next-generation smart contract platform focused on providing users with blockchain technology solutions. Kadena has launched two sets of technical solutions, the public chain and the alliance chain, and also launched the smart contract language Pact, which allows developers to implement transaction logic and perform business operations.

lpermissioned network: The Kadena public chain has improved the existing PoW consensus and adopted the parallel PoW architecture of Chainweb, combining multiple parallel chains running PoW consensus independently into the same network, improving the scalability of the entire system, while retaining The decentralization and security features of the PoW consensus mechanism.

How To Buy KDA Coin?

The reliable exchanges that trade KDA coins in the market are: Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase and FTX, etc.


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