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What Is APE Coin And How To Buy APE Coin?

What Is APE Coin And How To Buy APE Coin?

What Is APE Coin£¿

APE coin is issued by Yuga Lab in the form of ERC20 in March 2022, belongs to the governance token of ApeCoin DAO. It focuses on decentralization and conforms to the spirit of WEB3. If you have APE coin, you can participate in the organization's planning and policy and vote, but there are also voices questioning that most of the APE coins are held by enterprises and venture capital companies and the founders of Yuga Labs are still essentially centralized governance.

The initial issue price of APE coin was 1 US dollar, and the total circulation of 1 billion pieces will never be issued. On the day of listing, it rose 28 times to the highest point and recorded an APE coin of 28 US dollars. After the sale of the virtual land Otherside, a metaverse game project, the APE currency rose all the way to the previous high, until May 1, after the virtual land was sold, it dropped sharply to between $14 and $18. The ups and downs in the currency circle can also be said to be quite exciting.

APE coin is created by a creative team, Yuga Labs, a well-known NFT project BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club). Yuga labs is mainly composed of Greg Solano, who graduated from the University of Virginia and holds a master's degree in fine arts. Co-founded with Wylie Aronow, a high-frequency trader in the currency circle, both of them were initially active in the currency circle as anonymous identities, but soon after Yuga Labs' first NFT project BAYC became popular, someone found out the real identity, and then chose to officially use the The real identity has surfaced. So far, it has launched BAYC, MAYC, BAKC and other projects, and issued the encrypted currency APE coin and launched the metaverse game projects Arcade and Otherside.

The Distribution Of APE Coin

lEcosystem Fund (62%): 15% of the total amount is airdropped to BAYC/MAYC holders, and the other 47% is allocated to DAOs and treasuries.

lYUGA LABS + Charity (16%): 15% is owned by Yuga Labs and 1% is donated to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation as a charitable donation.

lStartup Contributors (14%): For companies and individuals who helped make this project a reality, including VCs and corporations.

lBAYC founders (8%): For the four founders of Yuga Labs.


The Current Uses Of APE Coin

lApeCoin DAO governance token

lBored & Hungry Burger in America

lUS SaltWater Brewery pays a discount

lAnimoca Brands game Benji Bananas game token (confirmed, not officially launched)

lOtherside Metaverse Game Tokens (to be determined, not officially launched)

lArcade Metaverse Game Tokens (TBD, not officially launched)

lOpenSea NFT buy and sell payment


How To Buy APE Coin?

The reliable exchanges that trade APE coins in the market are: Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase and FTX, etc.


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