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What Is FAME Coin and How To Buy FAME Coin?

What Is FAME Coin and How To Buy FAME Coin?


FAME MMA is Europe's largest fighting federation and a premier combat sports organization, hosting competitions for celebrities, top YouTubers, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok superstars, and notable professional athletes.

Founded in 2018, FAME has hosted 13 major events, with the upcoming FAME MMA 14 event on May 14th. The main concept behind each event is to bring famous idols to an environment that you don't usually see every day, the octagon, to fight in front of thousands of fans in the venue and a larger audience watching live as Pay-per-view service.

Currently, each event match is run by FAME MMA using a proprietary PPV (Pay Per View) system. There is a dedicated and independent platform, FAMEMMA. TV, designed and developed for your needs to broadcast all our events. Until now, PPV sales were only possible through traditional online payment systems (debit or credit card, bank transfer, BLIK, PayPal, STRIPE, etc.). The recent campaign has been a huge success, with thousands of sales, over half a million licenses, and a new EU record.

What Is FAME Coin

In the final evolution of the final payment system, the FAME company will only accept FAME coin. A payment system will be developed to automatically convert purchases made with fiat currencies directly into FAME coin. The system will be linked to a centralized exchange that provides technical solutions. The entire process will be automatic and invisible to regular customers. This will enable the FAME coin to bring in many new users who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies or even know how to buy the token.

lTotal Tokens10 Billion

lTotal circulation330 million

What Can FAME Coin Be Used To Do?

The FAME coin will be used to power the entire ecosystem, with all services and transactions conducted through the OURNATIVE token. The FAME coin will be closely tied to businesses and have powerful utility and use cases in many areas such as PPV, gaming, marketing and sponsorships, fighter salaries, merchandise, franchising, NFTs, promotional offers and staking.

lPPV Platform: The pay-per-view platform becomes part of the FAME Token ecosystem, allowing for a special PPV license with more content.

lPlay to earn: Play-2-earn, collect rewards, buy improvements, skins, bonus rounds, and more... New games will enrich the FAME coin ecosystem.

lSponsored Events: FAME partners and sponsors will integrate with the FAME coin ecosystem to create new possibilities, special offers, simplified deals and more

lNFT Free Buying and Selling: NFTs, virtual collectibles for FAME fighters. Premium 3D models created by Metahero's state-of-the-art scanners and unique marketplace bring FAME closer to fans.

lStaking: Dedicated staking platforms with great returns expand investment scope and enhance the performance of tokens, creating a community of dedicated holders.

How To Buy FAME Coin?

To trade FAME coin, you need a reliable exchange such as  Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase and FTX.


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